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In the wake of tragedy... Magellan responds

Magellan maintains a specially trained behavioral health crisis emergency response team (CERT) and crisis management protocols that are immediately implemented if a disaster or other traumatic event impacts the community.

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QI Report

Members rate their satisfaction with providers and Magellan

Magellan recently tabulated the results of its annual measurement of member satisfaction with providers and Magellan. In 2015, members continued to rate the services of behavioral health practitioners and Magellan highly.

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Network Notes

Accurate provider data is essential to member care

Magellan providers must regularly update their practice information to communicate appointment availability and ensure appropriate member referrals. Members using our Provider Search tool can now report practice information inaccuracies if encountered.

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Med Services

Tackling the opioid epidemic

Addressing the current opioid use epidemic, Magellan has released a new clinical monograph featuring best practices for opioid and other substance use interventions in primary care and behavioral care.

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Clinical Focus

Magellan updates clinical guidelines and resources for ADHD and suicidal behaviors

Magellan has updated its clinical practice guidelines for treating ADHD and for evaluating and managing suicidal patients. The update includes a revised ADHD Audit Tool and a tip sheet.

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