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Deliver your same high-quality professional services in a new way - consider telehealth

Curious about telehealth but don’t know where to start? Log in to and listen to a recording of our webinar, Telehealth 101: What You Need to Know & How to Get Started.

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Network Notes

CMS review of provider directories calls for more accurate information

Members experience frustration when there are inaccuracies in the information, and frequent provider information inaccuracies can represent a virtual barrier to needed behavioral healthcare.

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QI Report

Provider satisfaction with Magellan remains high

Magellan’s annual survey of network behavioral health providers continues to demonstrate positive results, with respondents to the 2016 survey reporting a 90.5 percent overall rate of satisfaction with Magellan’s programs and services.

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EAP Perspectives

New tip sheet for registering EAP cases now online

Last year, we made it easier for members to access EAP services. Now, our new tip sheet makes it easier for you to use our website to register your EAP patients.

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Clinical Focus

Check out our updated clinical guidelines and tools

Magellan recently completed updates of a number of our behavioral health clinical guidelines and other documents that support evidence-based clinical practice. We encourage you to review and become familiar with these tools.

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